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Where can I buy a fake birth certificate of California, USA?

California birth certificate
California birth certificate

Many parents and mothers choose to have their babies in the United States to allow their babies to acquire American nationality. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, parents are worried about the safety of their babies, and they have brought their babies back to live in China. American babies come to live in China. Buy fake birth certificate. Well, whether it is a one-time entry and exit, settlement, etc., all require a notarized birth certificate in the United States.

How to buy birth certificate?

In the United States, you can directly use the American birth certificate. Buy fake California birth certificate. When it comes to using in mainland China, you still need to apply for the certification of the Chinese embassy in the United States to have the corresponding legal effect. Birth certificates certified by the U.S. embassy are virtually indistinguishable from domestic birth certificates in terms of document usage. From this, we can understand the importance of notarization of birth certificates in the United States.

How to order a fake certificate of live birth in California?

When applying for the notarization of an American birth certificate, three elements must be known: the certification time, the certification process, and the certification materials. Authentication information: US birth certificate + scanned copy of parent’s valid passport; Certification process: notarization by a US notary public, certification by the US Secretary of State, certification by the Chinese embassy in the United States; Certification time: 30 working days, expedited, 15 working days. Buy birth certificate in US.

A U.S. birth certificate is also known as a U.S. birth certificate. How to buy fake US birth certificate online. U.S. birth certificate certification is a must-have document for U.S.-born babies to return home. U.S. birth certificate certification is a certified document issued by the Chinese embassy and consulate in the United States and recognized by Chinese government agencies. The notarization of a U.S. birth certificate is subject to three-level U.S. authentication procedures, namely notarization, authentication by the Secretary of State, and consular authentication by the Chinese embassy in the United States.