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OCR GCE certificate
OCR GCE certificate

OCR Nationals are vocational qualifications, which are designed to teach practical workplace skills. fake OCR GCE certificate online, There are three levels, with different awards in each: Levels 1 and 2, which are designed for students aged 14 and over, and Level 3 for students aged 16 and over. However, older learners can also study OCR Nationals.

You can study OCR Nationals in over 3,000 schools and colleges in the UK. buy fake OCR GCE certificate, OCR Nationals are assessed entirely on the work you do in class, which means there are no exams. OCR Nationals are graded as either a ‘Pass’, ‘Merit’, or ‘Distinction’.

How can I buy a fake OCR GCE certificate online?

Studying OCR Nationals can be worth up to 4 GCSE grades A* to C at Level 2. OCR Nationals are also recognized by UCAS at Level 3, so studying them can help you get into university. OCR GCE certificate, A Level 3 Certificate ‘Pass’ is worth one A-level grade E – or 40 UCAS points – ranging up to a Level 3 Extended Diploma, which is worth 3 A-level grade As, or 360 UCAS points.

OCR Nationals are vocationally related qualifications that were officially launched by the OCR Board in September 2004. OCR GCE certificate online for sale, The qualifications are designed to meet the needs of those seeking vocational education in place of the traditional, theory-intensive, academic route. where to order OCR GCE certificate, Although the target audience is teenagers (14-19), the qualifications are also suitable for adult learners, much like the GNVQ. buy OCR GCE certificate online, The OCR Nationals are being phased out and replaced by the Cambridge Nationals.