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FRM Certificate
FRM Certificate

FRM (Financial Risk Manager) is a qualification in the field of global financial risk management, established by the American “Global Risk Association” (GARP). GARP is one of the world’s largest financial associations with 85,000 members from more than 150 countries, serving more than 5,000 banks, securities companies, academic institutions, management institutions, asset management institutions, insurance companies, and non-financial companies. sex companies, etc. Buy FRM certificate online. Its main function is to improve standards in the field of financial risk management through the exchange of information, and the implementation of educational programs.

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The FRM exam started in 1997 and is held in mid-November every year (since 2010, the grading exam has been held in May and November every year). As of the end of 2008, it has been implemented for 13 years, and a total of 13,685 people worldwide have obtained the FRM title. Where to buy FRM certificate. There are test centers for FRM exams in China, Shanghai, and China. At present, there are about 800 people in China (including ) who have obtained FRM certificates. Although the FRM exam has not been established for a long time, it has developed extremely rapidly.

It has been recognized by Wall Street and other well-known European and American financial institutions, risk management departments, and regulators of large companies, and has initially become the most authoritative certification in the field of risk management. Order fake FRM certificate diplomas. In November 2009, the FRM exam only took the first level test, and in May 2010, the graded test (LEVEL I and LEVEL II) was implemented. All the tests were standardized and the cost was relatively low. How to make FRM certificate. Therefore, friends who are interested in financial risk management or are engaged in related work can improve their risk knowledge level by taking the FRM exam, and they can also add a heavy bargaining chip for career development and career development.