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Japan VISA
Japan VISA

Japan visa refers to the documents that non-Japanese nationals must apply for when they go to Japan. How to buy Japan VISA? It is divided into business visas (short-term, long-term), tourist visas (individual, group, family type), visiting relatives/friends visas, visiting visas Japanese medical residence visas, student visas, visas with residence qualification certificates, etc. In April 2019, Japan began to implement a new visa policy to relax the conditions for foreign workers to enter Japan to cope with the labor shortage.

Notes for Japan Tourist Visa:

1. In order to ensure the safety of your journey, you are not allowed to leave the group, leave the group, or engage in separate activities other than the specified itinerary during the tour.

2. Please follow the arrangements of the tour guide and the tour leader during the trip. If you find any problems, please submit them to the tour leader in time and negotiate to solve them

3. If you feel unwell, please inform the team leader in time. Please bring your personal necessities and regular medicines with you during the trip

4. China Customs stipulates that the maximum amount to be carried out of the country is RMB 20,000 and USD 5,000. For high-end items such as cameras, please go through customs procedures. Japan Customs stipulates that the items allowed to be brought into the country are 1 cigarette and 2 bottles of wine. All Chinese medicine products containing animal ingredients that are strictly prohibited by the Washington Treaty are strictly prohibited to be brought into the product.

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Personal Notes for Japan:

1. Please bring the hotel room card or hotel guide when you go out, in case you get lost and ask for directions.

2. Please bring a sturdy, durable and lightweight suitcase with clear signs during travel. How to buy Visa card in Japan. Valuables such as personal documents, passports, coins, jewelry, etc., please carry them with you or store them in the hotel room safe. Do not store in hotel rooms, suitcases, in cars, or in the custody of others.

3. Japanese hotel rooms are generally equipped with electric kettles and a small amount of tea. The “Young TV” channel (the red button on the remote control) in the Japanese hotel room is a paid channel, and the viewing fee is paid by myself. There are no Chinese TV programs in Japanese hotels. Please be aware that beverages in the refrigerator in some Japanese hotel rooms are automatically billed as soon as they are taken out.

4. Japanese rules require vehicles to quickly pass through the intersection when the light is green, so pedestrians should obey the traffic signal when crossing the road.

5. When shopping in Japan, you cannot pay directly in RMB or U.S. dollars, so it is best to exchange foreign currencies such as U.S. dollars for Japanese yen before going abroad. The current exchange rate is: 10,000 yen = about 820 yuan. When purchasing Japanese electrical appliances, pay attention to the voltage and standard (Japan voltage 110 volts, Chinese voltage 220 volts, Japanese standard NISS, Chinese standard PAL).

6. Time difference: There is a 1-hour time difference between Japan and China (Japan is 1 hour faster).

Matters needing attention when applying for a Japanese visa:

1. The working days required by the embassy to apply for a visa refer to the time when your passport enters the embassy to receive the visa. It does not include the time for express delivery and possible stay on the way. It is recommended that you apply for a visa in advance as much as possible to avoid delays in travel.

2. In order for you to obtain a visa smoothly, please ensure that you provide real and effective user information. The right to issue a visa belongs to the consulate. If a visa refusal occurs in the end, the applicant should naturally accept the result.

3. Please select the travel date within the validity period of the visa in the country where the visa is located.