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Real Commonwealth of Dominica Passport online for sale

Dominica Passport
Dominica Passport

Citizens of most countries in the world need to apply for a Chinese visa to enter China. Dominica is currently the only passport project with mutual visa exemption between China and China among all immigration projects with investment immigration laws in the world (another visa-free Chinese passport project is Grenada).

Holders of Dominica passports can enter China visa-free for 30 days. Buy Dominica Passport, This is very attractive to many foreigners who want to travel frequently in and out of China.

In addition, for those who have not entered China for a long time, whose Chinese passport has expired, or who have canceled their Chinese nationality, when they need to return to China, they do not need to apply for a visa, and they can directly use the Dominica passport to enter China without a visa.

Dominica Passport Cover
Dominica Passport Cover

How to get Dominica Passport?

Of course, Dominic has much more than that. Investors who successfully obtain citizenship can have many new opportunities and enjoy citizenship dividends. real Dominica Passport maker, First of all, Dominica’s currency is linked to the U.S. dollar, which provides a guarantee for economic stability; commonwealth of Dominica Passport, secondly, Dominica attaches great importance to business development and provides many business opportunities and extensive business franchises for global investors, which is conducive to investor’s better development. Dominican republic passport, In addition, Dominica citizenship means stronger global mobility, the right to live, work and study locally, and citizenship can be passed on from generation to generation.

Dominica Passport Project
1. over the age of 18;
2. Good health and no criminal record;
3. Spouses, children, parents, (outside) grandparents, brothers, and sisters are allowed;
4. Donate $100,000 to the Dominica National Economic Diversification Fund;
5. Or purchase real estate with a value of no less than 200,000 US dollars, and it is a real estate project granted by the government; buy real Dominica Passport, the real estate can be resold within 3 years after obtaining citizenship without affecting citizenship.

Advantages of the Dominica passport project
1. The investment amount is low, starting from 100,000 US dollars, and the four generations of the family can get their identities in one step;
2. The application period is short, and approval can be obtained within 2-3 months after submission;
3. Convenient travel, Dominica visa-free visa-on-arrival for 150 countries and regions;
4. Children can enjoy free British education. buy a Dominica Passport online, If they return to China for further study as international students, those who meet the conditions can easily enter domestic famous schools without a written examination. Most of the credit degrees recognized by each other among members of the Commonwealth of Nations can be transferred to other Commonwealth countries for study;
No immigration supervision, no landing requirements;
5. The Preferential tax system, no property tax, gift tax, foreign income tax, capital gains tax, etc.;
6. Beautiful environment, holiday paradise.