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How to buy UK permit residence? fake British BRP card maker

UK permit residence
UK permit residence

The British BRP is a residence card that contains personal information, such as fingerprints, photos, etc. buy UK permit residence online, It is best for British international students to go to the post office to collect their personal BRP card a few days before arriving in the UK because there is a time limit for receiving the card.

The BRP card for studying in the UK contains the information that students are allowed to stay in the UK, and the visa validity period is also clearly marked on it. It is about the size of a bank card and has a photo on it. The information on it is similar to the information on the visa page. UK permit residence card, This card is equivalent to an ID card in the UK. When students apply for a visa, they need to declare where they will live after entering the UK and provide an estimate. Duration of stay, address, and postal code. This postal code can help identify the post office in the area during the application process. After students arrive in the UK, they must go to the designated post office to collect it within 30 days. On the day of the interview, the applicant needs to take a photo directly with his/her fingerprint, which will be recorded as the information on the card. order a UK permit residence, If you apply by mail in the UK, after receiving the application form, UKBA will notify you by sending a letter to the place where your fingerprints will be printed.

How to apply for a UK permit residence online?

The process only takes 10 minutes to supplement the information: buy fake UK permit residence online, Here are the required materials for studying in the UK:

1. Transcript (Chinese and English)

2. Graduation certificate and degree certificate in Chinese and English

3 Passport homepage (if it is an old passport with a passport number starting with G, then the passport homepage and signature page are required)

4. Resume (if you have a ready-made discovery, if not, fill in the attachment collection form): Chinese only;

5. Certificates of scholarships, competitions, etc. during college and work; volunteer experience, public welfare activity certificates, or other specialty experience certificates (if any); b. Internship certificate in Chinese and English:

IELTS score report (if any): Please note that the IELTS test used for visa and immigration in the UK is UKVI8,

9. Scoring standard (i.e. a 100-point score standard that is equivalent to excellent, medium, and poor)

10. If there is no 100-point average score on the transcript, a certificate of 100-point average score is required;

11. Two letters of recommendation (after we have written the letters of recommendation, we will print them on the school stationery and ask the teacher to sign and date them before scanning them)