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University of Malaya transcript
University of Malaya transcript

The University of Malaya (referred to as the University of Malaya or UM) is the oldest university in Malaysia. Buy a University of Malaya transcript, Its main campus is located in Lembah Pantai, the capital of Kuala Lumpur, and its branch campuses are located in Nilam Puri, Kelantan, and downtown Kuala Lumpur.

The University of Malaya is the number one national university in Malaysia. It is a comprehensive university that combines liberal arts, science, and medicine. It is one of the largest and most famous universities in Malaysia and the oldest in Malaysia. school. Its predecessors were Kolej King Edward VII, established in 1905, and Kolej Raffles, established in 1929. King Edward VII College mainly cultivates medical talents, while Raffles College cultivates talents in education. On October 8, 1949, the two colleges merged to form the University of Malaya. It was mainly to cultivate senior talents for Malaya and Singapore at that time.

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The university has grown rapidly, and in 1956 two branches were established in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. University of Malaya academic transcript, In 1960, due to the separation of Singapore and Malaysia, the original Kuala Lumpur branch was accepted by the government as a national university, and the new University of Malaya was officially established on January 1, 1962. fake University of Malaya transcripts, The current Honorary Principal is the Sultan of Perak, Malaysia, Azlan Shah, the former head of state of Malaysia, and the current Principal is Dr. Abdullah Sanusi Ahmed.

The University of Malaya is located in the capital Kuala Lumpur. buy University of Malaya transcript, The transportation around the university campus is very convenient. how to buy University of Malaya transcript, From the transfer station Universiti, you can take the light rail LRT Kelana Jaya Line (Line 5) to easily transfer to travel around Kuala Lumpur, and it is also very convenient to reach the Petronas Twin Towers.

The logo of the University of Malaya is based on blue, with palm leaves and three tigers surrounding a hibiscus flower as the pattern, and the full name of the University of Malaya is written in English below the pattern. University of Malaya fake transcript, A string of palm leaves symbolizes the books used by the Malay nation before the paper was introduced to the area. The hibiscus flower represents the people of Malaysia. where to buy University of Malaya transcript, The three tigers represent the various ethnic groups in Malaysia, and also represent the three groups of people in the university, namely academic staff, students, and general staff. Blue symbolizes the ocean that connects East and West Malaysia.