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ESIEE Paris degree
ESIEE Paris degree

The Higher School of Electronic and Electrotechnical Engineers in Paris, also translated as the French Higher School of Electronic Engineers (ESIEE Paris), is a 5-year engineering university (grandes écoles) affiliated with the ESIEE group, and its legal nature is under the supervision of the National Ministry of Industry. public utility. Fake ESIEE Paris degree.

The school was founded in 1904 by Mr. Amans Falguière and Charles Schneider, with the initial name Ecole théorique et pratique d’électricité. The original school was located at 81-83 rue Falguière in Paris. ESIEE Paris bachelor’s degree, In the same year, “Ecole théorique et pratique d’électricité” was renamed “Ecole Breguet” because Mr. Louis Charles Breguet of the Breguet family was the school director.

In 2007, the school joined the University of Paris (East) and became one of the directors of the University of Paris (East).

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The Paris Higher School of Electronic and Electrotechnical Engineers consists of digital technology, computer science, network, data science, artificial intelligence, electronic security information systems, embedded systems, electronic systems, industrial engineering, biotechnology, electronic health, energy and technology management, etc. multiple fields.

As a member of the board of directors of the University of Paris (Eastern), ESIEE plays a leading role in scientific research. In terms of microelectronics, ESIEE Paris enjoys a high reputation in Europe and even the world. ESIEE Paris master’s degree, Many Intel entrepreneurs and scientists have gone out from here. where to buy ESIEE Paris degree, ESIEE is currently involved in the Higher Education Research Group of the University of Paris East, the Carnot VITRES Institute, and the Advanced Digital and Systems Research Group. Fake ESIEE Paris degree online, Has three research centers: Computer Science Research Center, Microelectronics and Communication Research Center, and Innovation Management Research Center. Has three cooperative research units: LIGM computer laboratory, ESYCOM laboratory, and IFRIS research group.

The Computer Science Research Center of ESIEE was established in 2009, along with two other centers: Microsystems, Electronics, and Communication Center and Innovation Management Center. how to buy ESIEE Paris degree, As well as some research activities of the Department of Communication in the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Management of ESIEE.