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NUST diploma
NUST diploma

National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan, also known as Pakistan National University of Science and Technology, referred to as NUST, is a top research university in Pakistan. NUST diploma certificate.

The National University of Science and Technology of Pakistan was established in 1991 by the Pakistani government in order to promote the development of science and technology. The president of Pakistan is the director of the school, and the prime minister is the honorary principal. buy NUST diploma online, The school is a completely independent entity that can make its own decisions about the teaching and administration of the school. The current principal is Lieutenant General Javed Mahmood Bukhari.

The National University of Science and Technology of Pakistan has 19 colleges and 7 campuses, distributed in 4 cities, and the main campus is in Islamabad. There are about 3,500 graduates every year, and the number of doctoral students in school in 2019 is close to 600. NUST postgraduate diploma, It has ranked first among domestic universities in Pakistan for three consecutive years. QS2020 World University Rankings are among the top 400 in the world, ranking 83rd in Asia, and ranking among the top 15 universities in Asia %.

Where to buy an NUST diploma online?

The National University of Science and Technology of Pakistan was founded in March 1991. NUST supply chain management diploma, The main campus is located in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is a comprehensive university covering engineering, science, business, management, social sciences, and other disciplines.

The National University of Science and Technology of Pakistan is at the forefront of the country in effectively utilizing university scientific research resources by establishing links with industrial departments and signing cooperation documents with major research and development institutions, and has also achieved certain results. how to buy NUST diploma, In order to further strengthen the work in this area, the National University of Science and Technology of Pakistan has institutionalized this work by establishing the University Consulting Center, Technology Incubation Center, and Cooperation Advisory Committee.