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TU Berlin degree
TU Berlin degree

Technische Universität Berlin referred to as TUB/TU Berlin, was founded in 1770 and is located in Berlin, the capital of Germany, on the Spree River, the “mother river” of Berlin. Buy a TU Berlin degree.

TU Berlin is one of the elite universities in Germany (Exzellenzuniversität), and a member of the German University of Technology Union (TU9), the European Union of Industrial Managers (T.I.M.E), and the European Union of Aerospace Universities (PEGASUS).

TU Berlin degree embossed seal
TU Berlin degree embossed seal

Since its establishment more than 200 years ago, the school has cultivated many pioneers in academia and industry, and cultivated a large number of talents for Germany and the world. TU Berlin double degree, Among its alumni and professors, are 10 Nobel Prize winners, 7 Leibniz Prize winners, 2 Pritzker Prize winners, and more than 10 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Engineering who graduated from the school.

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The Technical University of Berlin ranks 55th in the world in the 2022 QS World Ranking of Engineering and Technology Schools, among which the world rankings for sub-disciplines: Architecture (20), Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (48), Electronics and Electrical Engineering (52), Chemical Engineering (60), Mathematics (64), Computer Science and Information Systems (68). TU Berlin double degree master, The school ranks 139th in the 2022 World University Rankings, 158th in the 2022 QS World University Rankings, and 98th in the 2020 QS Graduate Employment Competitiveness Rankings.

TU Berlin degree embossed seal back
TU Berlin degree embossed seal back

The Technical University of Berlin has strong scientific research strength, and it places pure theoretical research and applied research in an equally important position. buy TU Berlin degree online, In the 2016-2017 Thames World University Rankings, the Technical University of Berlin ranked 82nd in the world, and its engineering and science disciplines ranked 35th in the world, and many of its professional rankings were among the top three in Germany. fake TU Berlin degree, Now it is one of the members of the nine German universities of excellence in engineering (TU9), one of the seven German universities of the TIME European Top Industrial Managers University Alliance, and one of the ten German universities of the CESAER European Higher Engineering Education and Research University Conference Alliance. , one of the six German universities of the PEGASUS European Aerospace University Partnership.