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Fake Universidad de Málaga diploma, buy a fake UMA degree

Universidad de Málaga diploma
Universidad de Málaga diploma

Founded in 1972, Universidad de Málaga is a public university in Spain. The school is located in Malaga, Andalusia. Fake Universidad de Málaga diploma, The various faculties of the university are mainly distributed on two campuses, Teatinos and El Ejido, and some buildings and departments are distributed in different parts of the city. The University City of Teatinos, the largest university city in Andalusia, is undergoing a huge transformation through the integration of departments and services.

The University of Malaga continues to provide more and better venues and more complete infrastructure for education and teaching, social activities, sports, student dormitories, corporate activities, and leisure activities.

Universidad de Málaga diploma embossed seal
Universidad de Málaga diploma embossed seal

The University of Malaga is a young university, established in 1972. buy a Universidad de Málaga diploma, The annual budget of the university exceeds 250 million euros. The school has more than 35,000 students and 2,400 teachers, 60 undergraduate majors, more than 50 graduate majors, more than 40 doctoral majors, and 30 school-level degree programs. The University has 278 research groups involved in 180 research projects at the national level, as well as 30 EU and world research projects. buy Universidad de Málaga diploma online, In recent years, between 350 and 400 companies or enterprises have signed cooperation agreements with the university, registering more than 50 patents each year on average, one-third of which are international patents.

Universidad de Málaga diploma embossed seal back
Universidad de Málaga diploma embossed seal back

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At the same time, the university attaches great importance to international projects. On average, nearly 1,000 students participate in the Erasmus project every year, and more than 700 Erasmus students from different countries are accepted every year. Universidad de Málaga diploma maker, Now, the school plans to develop cooperation with schools in other countries, hoping to receive students from more different countries, making the school more international and culturally diverse.

Because the University of Malaga is relatively top-notch in tourism information and communication technology, its tourism major has become one of the best majors in Spain. The first courses for tourism majors include: tourism destination planning and management, tourism webpage production, data statistics, tourism economic framework, management skills, and E-travel, these are compulsory courses. Universidad de Málaga diploma certificate, Elective courses include cultural heritage, tourism product construction and marketing, tourism destination management and planning tools, tourism company product, quality senior management, etc.