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LIM College degree
LIM College degree

LIM College is located in Midtown Manhattan, the fashion capital of the world. Fake LIM College degree, The school prepares students for exciting careers in the fashion business. Founded by Mr. Marcuse in 1939, it was originally known as the Laboratory of Merchandising (LIM) and became LIM Academy in August 2009. Sir, Marcuse brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to establish LIM Academy.

LIM Academy, also known as Laboratory Sales Planning Academy, is a private school located in Manhattan, the center of New York City, USA. Established in 1939, the Laboratory Sales Planning Institute is accredited by MSACS. LIM College associate’s degree, In 2009, the college changed its full name to Laboratory Sales Planning College to the abbreviated name LIM College. The college provides students with two-year specialist courses and four-year undergraduate courses and has recently obtained the qualification to teach master’s courses. 90% of the graduates of the college will get employment opportunities within six months after graduation.

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LIM College provides professional two-year college courses and four-year undergraduate courses and has recently obtained the qualification to teach master courses: fashion merchandising, management, marketing, and visual merchandising. LIM College master’s degree, For graduate students, the MBA and MPS programs offered by the school are personalized, flexible,  and industry-oriented – ideal for working professionals in today’s fast-moving fashion arena. Educational internships, guest speakers, and field trips at LIM Academy, the heart of Manhattan, are an integral part. In this course, students will make a solid foundation for a successful career in industry connections, and also work closely with talented and experienced faculty.

New York’s Leam School of Fashion Business Management and the American School of Fashion Design and Business are both fashion universities. How to buy LIM College degree, Fashion management is the flagship major of the Lim School of Fashion Business Management. LIM College online degrees, Lim School of Fashion Business Management provides 7 majors, namely fashion marketing, marketing/marketing management, retail management, business management, marketing (other), Business Administration, Design, and Visual Communication.

This major pays great attention to the cultivation of students’ fashion sensitivity. fake LIM College degree online, While focusing on basic ability training, it often organizes practical activities to improve students’ fashion abilities.