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How to purchase a National Defense University degree online?

National Defense University degree
National Defense University degree

The National Defense University (NDU) is the highest comprehensive military institution in the United States, founded in 1976. National Defense University degree, It is directly subordinate to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and its president is usually a lieutenant general or a civilian officer designated by the Department of Defense.

Its primary mission is to provide professional military education and research on major national security issues and to train civilian and military officers selected by the military and government agencies to become qualified to implement national defense policy, National Defense University bachelor’s degree, perform command and staff duties, develop national campaign plans, and manage national security resources.

How to buy a fake National Defense University degree easily?

1. The National Defense Military Academy (the director of which is generally a major general), whose mission is to conduct advanced national security courses, study national security policy, and train national military and political personnel for 10 months.

2. the Armed Forces Industrial College (the director of which is generally a major general), whose mission is to teach national security resources and train senior managers in charge of the defense industry in the military and political branches, with a duration of 5 months.

3. the Armed Forces Staff College (the director of which is generally a major general), whose mission is to teach courses on joint warfare of the military services and allied joint warfare, the system and implementation of national security and international security plans, and the training of mid-level officers, for a five-month course of study.

4, the Ministry of Defense Computer College (the dean of this is generally the colonel), the task is to teach computer resource management to middle and senior officers throughout the army, combined with the National Defense University of computer information management to teach. National Defense University degree certificate, The university also has the Institute for Advanced National Defense Studies and the National Institute for Strategic Studies and three research centers: the Mobilization Program Development Center, the Campaign Program Development Center, and the Warfare Rehearsal and Simulation Center.

The university fully adopts the management model of local comprehensive universities in the United States, i.e., the university is actually the educational management and coordinating body, and specific teaching is organized and implemented by the affiliated colleges. National Defense University master’s degree, The president of the university is a rotating group of lieutenant generals from all branches of the military, who also serve as educational advisors to the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Fake National Defense University degree maker, The University’s mission is to implement higher military education, train senior and mid-level command staff officers, and federal government officials, and conduct comprehensive research on strategic national security issues.