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New York University degree
New York University degree

New York University, referred to as New York University (NYU), was established in 1831 by the then US Secretary of the Treasury, Albert Gallatin, as a private university. Buy New York University degree online, There are more than 45,000 students.

New York University also established 11 global academic centers in London, Madrid, Sydney, Berlin, Paris, and other places. Member of the Association of American Universities, selected for the British government’s “High Potential Talent Visa Program”. New York University master degree, As of 2019, New York University has been the American university with the largest number of international students and overseas students for five consecutive years. New York University has majored in philosophy, mathematics, medicine, accounting and finance, law, and performing arts. New York University has Di Shi School of the Arts, film production; Stern School of Business; Law School.

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New York University does not have a walled campus, because the campus of New York University is integrated with the entire of New York City. New York University associate’s degree, It can be said that New York University takes the entire New York City as its own campus, and eighteen colleges are distributed throughout New York City.

NYU has two campuses. The Manhattan campus of the main campus basically takes Washington Square as the heart of the school and is radially dispersed. The Brooklyn campus is concentrated in the lower city of Brooklyn. New York University degrees architecture, The Tandon School of Engineering, and the former The Polytechnic School of engineering is located here, surrounded by technology companies, and has an excellent location. With New York’s well-developed subway system, the journey between the two campuses only takes ten minutes. Most of the school buildings in Manhattan are concentrated in lower Manhattan, but they are also spread throughout Manhattan due to different colleges. For example, the School of Dentistry is located at the intersection of 1st Ave. and 26th Street, and the medical school and its affiliated hospitals are also located at 1st Ave. New York University degrees law, and 32nd Street. nearby; the School of Continuing Education is located in Midtown. As long as there is a purple flag (known as the “Purple Alliance”), the word “NYU” or the torch pattern (NYU’s logo), it can be recognized that this building is owned by New York University.