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SCAD degree
SCAD degree

Savannah College of Art and Design, SCAD, the main campus is located in the center of Savannah, Georgia, USA, and the branch campuses are located in the center of Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China and Lacoste, France, is the largest art colleges in the United States, It is also one of the largest art universities in the world. fake SCAD degree, The school is known as “the most popular art learning center”, and many famous brand designers and Disney animators are from the school, such as Kate Aronowitz, the chief designer of Facebook.

Advantageous majors include dynamic media design ranked first in the world, interior design ranked first in the United States, and animation majors that continue to inject graduates into Disney animation, Pixar animation, DreamWorks, and other top animation companies in the world, film production, fashion design, Graphic design, industrial design, etc. SCAD animation degree, are well-known in the United States.

SCAD holds many academic lectures every year, and famous writers and designers from all over the United States are invited to attend. SCAD business degree, Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, and Alexander Wang, the famous designer, were guests of SCAD.

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Savannah College of Art and Design offers 52 professional undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as many minor courses; SCAD photography degree, in the field of art and liberal arts foundation courses, the college has a professional faculty. Savannah College of Art and Design is one of the largest art colleges in the United States. SCAD film degree, It has four branches and five branches and can award bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fine arts, architecture, art, film, television, and game development. , the curriculum includes almost all majors in today’s art field. SCAD associate’s degree, Among them, dynamic media design ranks first in the world, and interior design ranks first in the United States.